Life Movement Productions is becoming Veneration Dance

Dear Parents and Students,
I hope this finds you well and having a great summer with your family. Things have been exciting and busy for us as a ministry during these summer months. We are blown away with what God has taught us; I personally can’t wait to share it all with you. Here is a quick update on serving opportunities, registration, and our 2015-2016 dance year!

Several months ago we set our registration date as August 3rd, unfortunately certain processes for our non-profit have taken longer than expected causing other delays. For the first time in dance ministry history we are behind schedule. We are postponing registration until further notice. We do not expect this delay to be more than a month; we will keep you as updated as possible on our coming registration date. Please understand that this is in your best interest and for us to better serve you. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Serving Opportunities
We are looking for a few creative parents and fundraiser ideas! Before our first day of class there are several things which must be done, completing state paperwork and acquiring insurance required for a non-profit, among other things. Unfortunately these things do not come free. The ministry will need a total of $1000.00 in addition to our usual needs. Let us know what you’re thinking!

2015-2016 Dance year
This next year will bring some exciting changes, both logistical and spiritual that will hopefully make this year a better experience for everyone and encourage growth including a new website! We will also be performing a new show “Limitless” currently in the works!
Classes available this year (full schedule to be released soon):

I'm so excited to serve you and bring glory to his name beside you this year!

Amber Hoffman 
Future director of Veneration Dance

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