Life Movement Productions is becoming Veneration Dance

We are so excited to get Veneration Dance (previously Life Movement Productions) going! We are in the process of turning a local dance ministry into a nonprofit organization and getting a new web site. 

This dance group serves over 200 students and provides an affordable and safe environment for dance all centered by our love for Jesus Christ. Wether they're a young child, adult, boy or girl Veneration's goal is to uplift and support each student in their achievements and goals; creating confidence and building relationships all through the means of dance. Dance is also a positive and fun way to get up and move, promoting healthy living for all ages. 

By expanding this group we are taking steps to change students lives and in doing so taking steps to change the world for the better. 

Amber Hoffman 
Future director of Veneration Dance


Registration for our 2015-2016 dance year will begin August 3, 2015. Classes available and class times are subject to change each year, please check back in July for further scheduling information.

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